The Trinity University Roots Commission is a group of faculty and students who are researching Trinity's early history and the university's ties to slavery and racial injustice. Started in 2018, this group has been making and will continue to make ongoing efforts to shed light on the university's history. Through this project, the goal is to force a conversation of the university's past to the forefront and help present solutions for reparative efforts going forward. Explore the About  page for more information on the members of the TURC and the group's inception.

This site hosts several online exhibits and digitized collections that provide the historical context behind Trinity's earliest years in a Reconstruction-era Texas. The research so far covers race relations in Texas during the reconstruction era, Tehuacana's racial history, and Trinity's founding. It will continuously be updated with new research and findings as they are discovered and plans for expansions to TURC projects are made.

The Trinity University Roots Commission's website was created by four undergraduate student researchers with help provided by members of the Roots Commission in the summer of 2020:

Camille Johnson, Rachel Kaufman, Cecelia Turkewitz, and Rohan Walawalkar

Much of the information on this site is not being gathered and presented for the first time. Dr. R. Douglas Brackenridge of has been compiling Trinity University's history, and his book Trinity University: A Tale of Three Cities, was originally published in 2004. The work of the TURC expands on this history to focus explicitly on race relations.